Improve OEE, increase manufacturing efficiency, reduce production costs

Real-time performance monitoring solutions for the bottling & packaging industry


Monitors your single critical machine

XL800 productivity appliance


Monitors multiple independent machines

machineview system


Monitors your entire production line

lineview system


Complete visibility of your entire factory

factoryview system

LineView is the single most powerful manufacturing tool I’ve seen during my 15 years in operations management.

Richard Davies, Vice-President Operations, Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd
coca-cola enterprises

Improve OEE, Efficiency, Productivity…

Improve Machine Efficiency
Increase your machine and line efficiency by 8%+ in 12 months.
Increase Production Output
LineView tells your teams where to focus to drive output every minute.
Reduce Manufacturing Costs
LineView sites typically get payback in less than 9 months.

At LineView Solutions we are passionate about making sure you get results. We believe that installing a real-time data system is just the start – our job is to make sure you get payback. By working with your teams we will implement cutting edge monitoring solutions with the processes to improve OEE and get real long term results. With a track record of successful implementations going back to 2001 we have developed tried and tested methodologies that will help your team create real and sustainable change with our systems.

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RapidView – Driving Peak Performance for PepsiCo

PepsiCo has adopted RapidView – a technology-based portable solution – to automate production line performance data gathering and visualisation, and discover new insights, boosting efficiency.

RapidView provides an extremely portable self-contained system that allows operational excellence consultants to perform on-site auditing efficiently, advising on improvements almost instantly based on real-time automated accurate data capture.

When a production line is ‘out of balance’, RapidView helps in two ways;

  • It provides live data against key metrics so that instant adjustments can be made.
  • It sends trending reports and data to global management for strategic decision making.

Impressively, the equipment can be installed by an onsite team in a couple of hours. Once data has been gathered, it is easy to see where issues lie and what improvements need to be made.

“RapidView has given the company access to built-in strategic reporting as well as instant visibility of top losses.” – PepsiCo

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