Our Coca-Cola Story | LineView case study

Our Coca-Cola Story

The implementation of LineView enabled Coca-Cola Enterprise to defer capital expenditure on a new line for 3 years – due to realised increased capacity from existing equipment – and ultimately led to their decision to put LineView on every line in the business.

Today, our three businesses work closely together to deliver a broad spectrum of services to help manufacturers improve performance: reducing cost, improving quality, increasing output, driving efficiency.

coca-cola enterprises12 years working with Coca-Cola Enterprises: three specialist businesses delivering one vision to one of the World’s most recognisable brands.

Where it all started…

Ian Rowledge is OptimumFX’s Managing Director. Ian started his journey as a production manager at Coca-Cola Enterprises. He’s been exactly where you are now. He knows how difficult it is to identify key issues with no real data: that it’s impossible to know the true causal losses in a system without great data. After putting in long hours one weekend in an attempt to find true causal loss and finding that they were back to square one on Monday, Ian decided that enough was enough.

Ian worked in tandem with John Dunlop, Technical Director of Bytronic, to develop a software solution that became much more than a line monitoring tool: LineView line information system was born.

Coca-Cola Enterprises, like many manufacturing businesses, needed something that would allow them to see the bigger picture and identify real loss on the whole line, not just downtime on individual machines. LineView’s advanced logic provides an automatic, real-time data gathering tool that accurately categorises data and presents it in exactly the way operators and managers need it. Coca-Cola Enterprises sites saw remarkable improved performance post the installation of LineView and ensured that LineView is now installed in all Coca-Cola Enterprises bottling facilities throughout Europe. Ian’s hands-on operational experience meant that he was able to help site teams deliver significant improvement through proper application of this new high-quality information.

In 2000, Ian set up OptimumFX Consulting to help manufacturers implement the effective routines and improvement activity to deliver massive improvement in manufacturing efficiency and productivity. In 2009 LineView Solutions was launched as our dedicated software house. Our team of software engineers keeps our range of software solutions at the forefront of manufacturing performance management systems.

Bytronic’s engineers continue to provide expert advice and problem-solving to a broad base of manufacturers in order to tackle everyday manufacturing problems – including implementing machine vision systems for character verification at speeds exceeding 1,250 units/minute.

OptimumFX,s operational excellence practitioners encourage ever greater levels of sustainable manufacturing performance from Coke site teams throughout Europe as well as sharing these same proven processes with manufacturers around the world.

We have worked closely with Coca-Cola Enterprises for the past 12 years helping develop their manufacturing and operational excellence methodology and being a key partner in taking CCE to world-class. Coca-Cola Enterprises have adopted and full integrated our IFA methodology into their everyday working. We’ve demonstrated that if you commit to transformational change, gather excellent data, and use it wisely, great results are guaranteed. We have helped Coca-Cola Enterprises to improve OEE by over 10% whilst also improving productivity and creating a more aligned workforce.

Ian Rowledge, Managing Director, OptimumFX


LineView is the single most powerful manufacturing tool I’ve seen during my 15 years in operations management.

Richard Davies, Vice-President Operations, Coca-Cola Enterprises