Services - LineView Solutions

Fully integrated in-house support and training services

Beyond our cutting edge technology, cool features and attractive user interface, our solutions are ultimately designed to deliver highest value and have maximum positive impact on your operations.

Our highly-skilled multi-disciplined team will work with you to ensure smooth transition from your current state to a World Class Manufacturing business, wherever you are on your improvement journey.

System deployed in days, not weeks! Minimum to no disruption of your day-to-day operations. We deliver value and begin your improvement journey from the moment we engage with you.

  • Technical (Line) Audit
  • Opportunity Analysis/ Operational Healthcheck
  • Needs Assessment & Objective Setting
  • Design & Quote
  • Project Management
  • Engineering & Programming
  • System Integration & Product Development
  • Testing, Snagging & Fine Tuning
  • Management of 3rd party network activity
  • Handover of product ownership

Committed to deliver training services that fully address all aspects of our software products and meet the objectives and requirements of the various stakeholders on-site and in the boardroom
On-site product training for operators through to factory managers, Identify training requirements, Objectives setting

System Technical Support Training

Advanced level training for system issue diagnostics and networking

System Configuration & Setup Training

Initial system setup and configuration; modifying the configuration; replicating and alternating configurations to suit current site requirements and ensure system relevance

System Advanced User Training

Super-user training; Train-the-trainer

System Operational User Training

Operational training for system users

Advanced Reporting Training

Write and configure your own custom SQL reports

Our systems support team is focused on reducing the time frame between product issue inception and issue resolution. We have designed our in-house processes to deliver exceptional customer experience across all customer sites and time zones globally. through self-service tools and various communication channels.

  • Flexible Licencing
  • System Maintenance
  • System Upgrades & Updates
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Telephone, Email, Skype Support
  • Online support centre – FAQ & Ticketing system
  • Continuous Product Development
  • Designated Support Account Manager

Transforming software into sustained operational improvements

Our software solutions are the result of more than just cutting edge technology. They are developed in conjunction with our in-house operational excellence experts. Our skills, experience and proven deployment methodology help deliver the highest levels of customer results.

  • Operational Audit (Healthcheck)
  • IFA – Maximise the initial use of LineView applying IFA methodology
  • Governance Tool – tracking the integration/use/compliance
  • Lean & Continuous Improvement Services
  • OEE Improvements
  • Short Interval Control – Effective Meetings
  • Getting maximum value of existing equipment


Discover how optimising your production line setup can unlock up to 10% OEE improvement!

We’ll let you into a secret: ineffective production line balance and control is the most overlooked OEE waste!

In our 15 years of helping manufacturers improve this is the area that is least well understood and yet it is simple to apply and delivers quick-win sustainable improvement without capital expenditure. The proven Line Balance Optimisation principles deliver guaranteed improvement in production line performance.

Imagine your Line runs like this…

  • All equipment on the line runs in automatic with no manual intervention required.
  • In normal conditions the line speed is matched to the speed of the critical machine.
  • Minor stops on machines upstream or downstream do not affect the critical machine.
  • Extended stops affect the critical machine for a minimum period.
  • Critical machine starts almost instantaneously as the machines downstream after a build back situation.

…this is our vision of perfect flow. Our 5 Levels of Control have helped many sites work in this way.

LineView™ is the single most powerful manufacturing tool I’ve seen during my 15 years in operations management.

Richard Davies, Vice-President Operations, Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd