LineView™ | True causal loss at your fingertips

LineView™ is the single most powerful manufacturing tool I’ve seen during my 15 years in operations management.

Richard Davies, Vice-President Operations, Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd


True Causal Loss at your fingertips

LineView monitors your entire production process in real time, constantly identifying the real area of loss to enable your teams to use highly accurate data to make effective decisions. All of your data is stored centrally and is available on every PC in the factory to enable effective decision making.

The ultimate real-time monitoring solution for production lines

Fully automated for maximum accuracy

Easy to use at all levels of your business

Key Features:

Gives you an overview of the entire plant as well as each production line and machine.

Identifies which machines or processes have the greatest impact on overall productivity.

Performs real time OEE and 6-loss analysis on your bottleneck machine.

Flags up urgent problems like machine stoppages for immediate action

Captures vital data for analysis including uptime, downtime, rejects and scheduled stoppages.

Highlights the principle causes of inefficiency.

How it works:

More options, modules and additional functionality:

Short Interval Control and Meetings Module

Run all your meetings from LineView, track compliance and action effectiveness

MES Lite – Utilities/Energy track

Integrated module to provide a light MES version for better resource management

Engineering Metrics module

Integrated metrics for the Maintenance team

Advanced Reporting Module

Additional standard reports and the ability to create your own

Additional Machine signals (++ faults and parameters)

Increase the standard faults from 5 to 64 and include logging analogue data (e.g. temperature, brix levels, electricity used)

Language Pack

Implement the system in multiple languages (cost per site/language)

System Operational User Training

Operational training for system users

System Advanced User Training

Advanced level training for system users (including system configuration)


Reduce Changeover time with the integrated Single Minute Exchange of Die module

Try SMED Tool!

SAP / 3rd party ERP integration

Database connectivity

IFA Dashboard

Apply the IFA methodology and follow progress and action effectiveness

Operational Implementation support

Maximise the initial use of LineView applying IFA methodology

System Technical Support Training

Advanced level training for system issue diagnostics and networking

Integrated Problem Solver

Developed in partnership with Kepner-Tregoe

Screenshots gallery:

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