XL800 | Plant-floor scoreboard -

XL800 Visual Display and OEE 

Plant-floor scoreboard, data capture and intelligent analysis in one bolt-on solution.

The XL800 visual display provides real-time information to enable your staff to have the most up-to-date information on their current performance and enable them to make the appropriate decisions to improve productivity. XL800 creates a true visual factory environment – from the shop floor to the top floor. 


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XL800 will help you improve productivity by:

  • Getting accurate information to where it makes the most difference:your shop floor
  • Enabling your leadership team to make decisions based on accurate data rather than gut feel or slow, inaccurate, manually collected data
  • Having a highly visual display which helps inform, alert, and motivate your team
  • Delivering accurate live data across your site Ethernet LAN which can be accessed instantly by anyone onsite
  • Providing all this in one low-cost fully-integrated hardware appliance

Key Features:

Quick and easy to install
  • XL800 can be installed in about an hour after unpacking for a standard configuration
  • The XL800 needs only 2 signals from your line in order to give you accurate downtime. Simply give it a running rate and a reject rate and you are ready to go
Extremely flexible
  • You can configure any combination of KPIs to be displayed -fully user configurable
  • With 22 inputs and 6 outputs you can use an XL800 in any manufacturing or distribution environment
View performance anywhere in the factory
  • WIth XL on your factory network you can view your performance onany PC.
  • Now we even include iPhone support as standard
  • We believe that the best way to find out if XL will meet your needs is to test it, in your factory, on your lines.
  • We want you to experience first hand our outstanding customer service and technical support.
Easy to roll out
  • Export the configuration from your trial installation to roll out instantly on every new install
  • We also offer extremely generous discounts for factory roll outs
Comprehensive documentation & support
  • We offer telephone and online support with an experienced engineer to help install and commission every XL unit
  • Additional support services available including; installation and setup, bespoke training, and OEE improvement workshops

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